Our Business Intelligence Unit realises the importance of the improvement of the decision-making process. It uses various techniques and standardised processes for collection, classification, analysis and interpretation of data to reveal patterns, anomalies, key variables and relationships, leading ultimately to new insights and better answers faster.

With respect to data capture, we uphold the attributes – quality, timeliness and sufficiency. Useful data is also collected from a wide variety of sources to get an integrated, up-to-date, 360o view.

In Business Intelligence, business analytics with the application of query tools and systems also play a key role in the strategic planning process of corporations. It also helps to understand the importance of Business Intelligence.

Data collection services

  • DolfinX (formerly as Research & Analysis Group) was established in 1999, Dubai, United Arab Emirate as full-fledged data supplier
  • Conducts data collection mainly in MENA region – Upper & Lower Gulf, Levant region, North Africa, etc. Other countries include India, Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, etc.
  • Domain Areas – Financial, Healthcare, Automotive, Real Estate and Consumer & Industrial Research

Full service market research services.

  • Early 2009 DolfinX turned into a specialized market research company specializing in market feasibility studies, market sector reports.
  • Breadth of services broadly also include’s consumer, B2B, industry and syndicated research
  • Provides market research and advisory services to clients esp. in the MENA region
  • By end of 2014 we have conducted/ presented more than 100 market feasibility studies
  • Most of our existing clients keep receiving desk research services and syndicated reports at a nominal price
  • Strong local knowledge
  • Strong research management with diverse backgrounds
  • Provides critical information and services required for client business and growth
  • Offers full range of services – employ state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative methodologies to provide research solutions that add strategic value
  • Research initiatives include market research, mystery shopper, institutional survey, feasibility studies, benchmarking studies, industry and sector studies, expectation and satisfaction surveys, etc.
  • Represented HarrisInteractive, US (NASDAQ listed) in the Middle East

Our Services

Advisory Services

Our Business Intelligence Unit realises the importance of the improvement of the decision-making process.

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Market Indices

Our Business Intelligence Unit realises the importance of the improvement of the decision-making process.

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Strategy & Process Excellence

Formulation of corporate strategy, business unit strategies, growth plans as well as in managing the strategic planning process.

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Feasibility Studies

Our Business Intelligence Unit realises the importance of the improvement of the decision-making process.

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Benchmarking Studies

Opportunity assessment studies, financial feasibility studies, in-depth company research, concept papers, scope reports, etc.

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Market Studies

Assess feasibility of entering new markets and products and recommends strategies for leveraging on opportunities while mitigating risk

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