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Business Intelligence Unit

  • Market Research Studies
  • Industry & Economic Studies
  • Feasibility & Benchmarking Studies
  • Credit reports (company intelligence)
  • Process Excellence
  • Strategy

Short Online Market Report

  • Market size of product type/ category
  • Products and services and their prices
  • Domestic sales, export sales, region-wise sales, sector-wise sales, etc.
  • Dealer/manufacturer profile
  • User sector profile, etc.

Why Business Intelligence Unit?

dolfinX’s Business Intelligence Unit

  • Created to meet the demand for high-quality business intelligence needs of organizations
  • Conducts full service research with qualified researchers with 5-20 yrs. of experience, research expertise and understanding of business environment
  • Answers different types of business questions related to a variety of sectors
  • Apply insights from other visionary thinkers and experts and experiential learning to address variety of business challenges
  • User sector profile, etc.


  • Government & Institutional Advisory Services
  • Market Studies
  • Strategy & Process Excellence
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Market Indices
  • Credit Report (company intelligence)


  • Rover Reports (online market report)
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Economic reports and sector scan

Decisions that drive profitable relationships

Enhance data into quality information and insights that empower your decision-making

  • Financial Expectations can really go high
  • What are the factors causing gap between top and bottom performers?
  • How can we acquire new high-growth customers?
  • Are sales resources aligned to highest potential relationships?
  • How do we improve forecast accuracy and quality of product or service?
  • How do we get better sales leverage out of marketing function?
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