Whether the decisions are strategic or operational in nature, data is the single most important input. Many companies do fail to make insightful or drive time-critical business decisions about significant changes in their businesses and markets due to lack of useful, meaningful and up-to-date business relevant information. According to a recent survey by EIU, part of the Economist Group, over half of executives characterise management decision-making at their companies as moderately efficient or worse, a figure which climbs closer to three-fourth for large organisations. Over 25% in North America thinks that management frequently gets its decisions wrong. The major reasons for the failure are greater challenges of running a business and, of course, lack of quality data. More than half were concerned about making poor choices because of faulty, inaccurate or incomplete data.

What do we do?
Our Business Intelligence Unit realises the importance of the improvement of the decision-making process. It uses various techniques and standardised processes for collection, classification, analysis and interpretation of data to reveal patterns, anomalies, key variables and relationships, leading ultimately to new insights and better answers faster. With respect to data capture, we uphold the attributes – quality, timeliness and sufficiency.

Useful data is also collected from a wide variety of sources to get an integrated, up-to-date, 360o view.

  • Finding Data
  • Finding way to visualize, analyze and share up-to-date business relevant information

Business Intelligence Unit (BIU)

Business Intelligence Unit

  • Market Research Studies
  • Industry & Economic Studies
  • Feasibility & Benchmarking Studies
  • Credit reports (company intelligence)
  • Process Excellence
  • Strategy

Short online market report

  • Market size of product type/ category
  • Products and services and their prices
  • Domestic sales, export sales, region-wise sales, sector-wise sales, etc.
  • Dealer/manufacturer profile
  • User sector profile, etc.

Consumer Unit

Consumer Unit

  • Full Service Consumer Research
  • Data collection and field management services
  • Qualitative approach
  • Quantitative approach
  • Tabulation and Analytical Services
  • Tools applied: SPSS, Minitab, Eviews, Stata, Excel

Interactive research panel

  • Internally supports Consumer Unit
  • Online healthcare panels: physician/ chronic patient/ pharmacist
  • Other panels: B2B web panels